Basic provisions

  1. The Civil Association Ranch Emanuel is under the law number 83/1990 of the Digest voluntary
             association of citizens. It is an autonomous, non-governmental, non-political civil

 2. The Civil Association the Ranch Emanuel in its areas of acting does not replace the role of the state.

3. The Ranch Emanuel is a civil society based on humanistic ideals and works on the following principles:

 a) In its activities it upholds the principles of democracy, voluntarity, equality, tolerance.

b) It provides useful civil action in accordance with the requirements throughout the society.

c) It extends the professional knowledge and practical skills, strengthens the moral and ethical values.

d) It unites and directs its members and other citizens in the realisation of events and activities.

Art. 2

       The name of the civic association is the Ranch Emanuel.

Art. 3

       The headquarters of the civil association Ranch Emanuel is Teplická - 39, Poprad-Veľká,
       05801, Slovakia.

Art. 4
Objectives and activities

1. The aim of the Civil Association Ranch Emanuel is to associate the citizens for the purpose of providing assistance to people who are temporarily brought to the problematic situation in relation to their social status, and that without the distinction of age, race, nationality, religion, political affiliation or education.
2. In pursuing its objectives, the Civil Association Ranch Emanuel focuses in particular on:

a) providing the social counselling and social services to ensure integration into the society of young people (from socially deprived families, from dysfunctional and split families, orphans, motherless child and young people after the end of the institutional care) and to all of those who cannot help themselves.

b) giving the assistance in finding or losing the employment, development of the educational and retraining programs.

c) carrying out activities aimed at the all-embracing personal growth of individuals, especially the development of communication skills and practices with the objective to reinforce their self-confess.

d) systematic providing of the leisure activities, especially for the younger generation from
       socially disadvantaged families and social risk environment.

e) protecting the human rights and moral values, fight against racism and national hatred.

f) cooperating with other non-governmental organizations, political parties, registered churches, governmental agencies and municipalities, as well as physical and legal persons at home and abroad, which are pursuing the same goals and can assist the association.

Art. 5

1. The member of the civil association Ranch Emanuel can become every citizen of Slovak Republic, who reached the age of 16 years, or legal persons who agree with the statutes and objectives of the association.

2. Members can become a person who applies for the registration in writing and his consent confirm by the signature on the application. The application for registration will be handed in (delivered) to the management of the Civil Association Ranch Emanuel. Membership in the civil association - Ranch Emanuel arises on the day of registration, for which is issued to the candidate a written consent.

3. Honoured member may become any person from Slovak Republic or from abroad, who significantly contributed to the fulfilment of the objectives of the association. Membership is given to these persons by the management on the proposal of the assembly. Rights of the honoured member are governed by the internal guidelines of the association.

4. Membership in the civil associations Ranch Emanuel lapses:

a) departure (by the date of delivery the written notice of withdrawing the membership to the management)

b) exclusion (for intentional violations of the statutes of the association what is determined by the management)

c) the member's death or disappearance of the legal person,

       d) the disappearance of the association.

Rights and obligations of the membership

      1. Members of the Civil Association Ranch Emanuel are in their activities required:


a) comply with all legal standards and acts of Slovak Republic,

       b) comply with the statutes and other regulations of the Civil Association Ranch Emanuel,

       c) to ensure that their activities are consistent with the objectives of the Civil Association Ranch Emanuel.
a) the obligations of members of the association are to defend the interests and the name of the association and to be actively involved in the activity of the association.

2. Basic rights of members:

a) to participate in the association according to their skills, interests and opportunities,

b) to elect and to be elected in the association after reaching the 18 years, to propose into the functions and to refuse its representatives in the organs of the association,

       c) refer to the authorities of the association with proposals, suggestions, complaints and ask for their opinion

c) participate in the meetings of the association.

3. Basic duties of the members:

a) comply with the statutes and perform the resolutions adopted by the organs of the association

b) take steps to achieve the agreed and accepted goals,

c) members of the Civil Association Ranch Emanuel pay no charges or

contributions (this is on a voluntary basis).


Organizational Structure

       Organizational levels of the Civic Association Ranch Emanuel are:

a) local branches without legal subjectivity,

b) central authorities of the association.

Art. 8
Authorities of the Association

       Authorities of the Civil Association Ranch Emanuel are:

a) The Assembly members
b) The Management
c) The Audit Committee
d) The Arbitration Commission

Art. 9
The extent of the authorities

a) The Assembly is the supreme body of the association - The Ranch Emanuel
Assembly in particular:
- approve the articles of the  association and change them
- elect the president, vice-presidents, secretary, members of the audit committee and members of the arbitration board
- approve the agenda for the next period,
- approve the reports about the activities of the association, arbitrary and audit committee and other reports,
- decide about the cancellation of the association,
- decide the methods of spending the property in cancellation or about any obligations
- for the adoption of the resolution is needed 2 / 3 majority of votes of all participants of the association.

b) The Management is the supreme body of the association among the assemblies, members comprised from the chairman, three vice-chairpersons and secretary.

- The President is a statutory body of the Civil Association Emanuel Ranch, entitled to act on its behalf in the external and internal affairs.

  - Vice - presidents - for educational activities and training,
                                  - for the system of free-time activities
                    - for management operations,
      represent the President in time and scope according to his authority and they are responsible for their operations.

- The Secretary is responsible for overall coordination of activities of the association at all levels.

c) The Audit Committee supervises the activities of the Civil Associations Ranch Emanuel in accordance with relevant legislation about the financial management. Members of the Audit Committee (3) elect the President among them.

d) The Arbitration Commission decides the various disputes about the activities and operations of the association. Members of the Arbitration Commission (3) elect the President among them.

  Art. 10
Managing of the Association

       1. Managing of the Civil Association Emanuel Ranch is governed by the general
           applicable rules and regulations for the civil association.

       2. The Civil Association Emanuel Ranch may perform the economic activity in accordance
           with the applicable laws of SR.

       Managing is based on the non-profit principle and its sources are:

       a) voluntary contributions from members,
       b) donations and grants from individuals and legal persons,

 c) contributions from government and non-governmental programs
       d) sponsorship, donorship,
       e) incomes from activities die to fulfilment the objectives of the association,
       f) contributions from physical and legal persons and other entities from abroad,
       g) incomes from property.

Art. 11
Termination of the Association

      1. The Ranch Emanuel lapses by the voluntary dissolution, or by merging with other civil
          association, about which decides the Assembly of the members.
      2. If the association lapses by the dissolution, Management appoints a liquidator.

      3. In the liquidation of property will be as first paid all claims of the association. In the case of liquidation can be whole property used solely for the generally - benefit and charitable purposes.

Final provisions

      1. Statutes of the association enter into force by the approval of the founding members of the association.
      2. These Statutes enter into force and are effective on the date of the registration of the Civil Association Ranch Emanuel by the Ministry of Interior of Slovak Republic.