The term ‘farm‘refers to the basic unit of agriculture, where animal husbandry will be found. The building itself will be surrounded by land, for the cultivation of crops of all kinds.

            Our eco farm will be slightly different from the others. On the farm the most important thing is the production of crops and the rearing of livestock, but on our eco farm the most important thing will be the personal development of young people.


Purpose and characteristics of the Project

The main purpose of founding Ranch Emanuel is the development of clients' skills, resulting in the integration of young people into independent everyday life.

The principal advantage of the eco farm is the availability of a variety of activities and options for the personal development of our clients.  As part of a working therapy, clients will also be involved in the operation of the farm.  Animals from the eco farm will be available for ZOO therapy. Cultivation of crops and the animals will allow more self sufficiency. Produce from crops and the animals will be used for food for our clients.

Occupational Therapy - Many young people coming to our farm as clients are disadvantaged because of their lack of working skills and responsibility.  We would like to create appropriate conditions where we would be able to, through farming, implement occupational therapy..  Occupational therapy is a specialised activity, through which our clients will acquire work skills and habits, and by implementing activities, under supervision, will restore, maintain and develop their physical and mental abilities and also work skills.  All social work theories consider the need of having occupational therapy.  Through this therapy we would like to work with our clients to develop existing work skills, but also to acquire new skills, increasing their self confidence and usefulness.

      ZOO therapy is one of the other advantages we would like to offer our clients.  It is based on the positive, mutual interaction between client and animal.  It uses the positive effect of an animal on the physical and emotional health of a human being.  Our clients can learn various types of work used in agriculture, which can be very effective, if applying in the future for jobs in this area.  Our clients will learn:

            a)  control work in crops and livestock produce

            b)  processing agricultural produce

            c)  performing and managing work in growing field crops

            d)  performing and managing work in animal husbandry

            e)  knowing the principles of cultivation and animal husbandry

            f)  cooking and processing agricultural produce

            Through agriculture we would like our clients to become wise, responsible,             caring, kind and tolerant people. We would like to create a relationship          between them and the environment in which they live, through the basic             components of knowing, protecting and enhancing wildlife, the environment             and human relationships.

Our farm will rely on nature for the production of crops and livestock.  We want our clients to be part of nature.  We would like to work to the best of our ability to get food from the surrounding countryside, using systems as close as possible to those which occur in nature. We would like to work a system of closed cycle farming. For example, using manure and organic matter to produce healthy soil, minimising soil erosion and the loss of nutrients and water. Through organic farming we would like to create a link between nature and man using intense methods but with a smaller effect.  We are aware that healthy  land and a respect for the environment are very important for the lives of people and animals. We respect the environment through:

            1. responsible use of energy and natural resources

            2. maintenance of biodiversity

            3. maintaining regional ecological balance

            4. improving soil fertility

            5. maintaining water quality

We also respect animals through;

            1. supporting the good health and welfare of animals

            2. meeting the special needs of animal behavior


Ranch Emanuel will also have environmentally friendly gardens established according to the principles of nature, without the use of chemicals, which after two or three years will almost require no time or money and will not produce any waste, because of a balanced natural habitat. The gardens will be a source for healthy food, a spiritual refuge and a place for relaxation.  Our farm will also include the economic and natural breeding of animals which will provide animal produce in the healthiest form.  Taking into account the needs of individual species, we will provide, for all animals, a healthy and natural environment such as sunshine, fresh air, freedom of movement and contact with a natural environment through breeding pastures.

            Ideally the farm will also include a natural water source with the creation of wetlands in appropriate parts of the land and the establishment of designated lakes in which to fish.  The spiritual principle of our farming should be premaculture design -sustainable economic development without producing waste.

            The farm in Ranch Emanuel will differ from others, not only in the fact that it is designed to develop the skills and personalities of our clients, but also in the fact that we will protect fields, streams, trees and hills which surround us, creating a beautiful environment which will offer beauty and utility.   We want to maintain and improve the countryside, including the creation and maintenance of:


            a)  hedges

            b)  native flora and fauna

            c) natural waterways