The Objectives of the Project

The main objective is to build Ranch Emmanuel in the most natural, family environment possible, accommodating 10 male adults, whom we would like to assist at a particularly difficult stage in their lives.  We would hope to help them become independent, self confident and reliable individuals able to find their place in life, looking after themselves, living independently.  We would also like to help them gain social and working skills and habits. Education is mainly aimed at developing the potential of the young person, making them aware of their own identity, their skills, and the ability to apply moral and civil responsibility. Before we can start with education, the basic needs of the individual must be secured.  This means feeding, clothing, housing, ensuring safety and security, and providing options for studies and work.


Half-way House

Type:                  Half-way house - Statute no. 448/2008 paragraph 27

Capacity:          10 people

Clients:              Male adults aged 18-27

Length of stay:   0-4years


We would like to develop Ranch Emanuel with fewer clients, providing more space to focus on the quality of social services. We would also like to provide accommodation for social services, counselling, preventative measures, different types of the therapy, and individual and group work.

            Clients would be able to find administrational, social and spiritual help and also assistance. In some cases we will be working with other specialists to remove psychological and personal defects and a lack of social development.

            Among other things we would like to help our clients improve their education, working skills and experience.

            Clients would also be under the supervision of professionals, learning all the domestic skills, such as, cooking, washing, time and finance management, all of which are essential for independent living.



We would like to focus our attention, mainly on young men ages 18-27, who are socially excluded, with limited opportunities and possibilities to live an independent life and also to deal with everyday problems.

It is particularly difficult for each person to live independently.  In each case it would be a specific group of clients very determined, influenced by their own history dating back to their childhood. Typical problems include difficulties with many aspects of life. They have to learn and absorb social skills, basic habits etc., if they wish to take control of their lives.. Giving them special attention is very important because normally they don't have anyone else to turn to. They are not aware of their rights and suffer from a lack of self esteem. Usually they have a real problem integrating into society and everyday life. The ability to adapt to live independently is a complex problem.  We see the importance of providing places where our clients can possibly

find help  because, at this moment, in Slovakia there is a lack of this kind of organisation

Information about organisation and project

➢ Information about organisation  

Name                                             Emanuel Ranch

Legal Form                                    Civic Association, non-profit

ICO                                                42086272

Address                                         Teplická 39, Poprad – Veľká,

Postal code                                    05801

Country                                          Slovakia

Telephone number                         +421948643779




➢ Contact person

Name                                              Marek

Surname                                         Mikurda

Address                                          Teplická 39, Poprad – Veľká, Slovensko, 05801

Telephone number                         +421948643779



➢ BANK details

IBAN                                             SK1575000000004017260499

SWIFT                                           CEKOSKBX

Name of Bank,                              Ceskoslovenska obchodna banka, a.s.

Address                                         Michalska 18, 815 63 Bratislava, Slovakia

➢ Project

Name of project                            Half way house

Purpose                                       To build Half way House for young people who found themselves in a very difficult life situation in the administrative area of Hradisko near village Terňa.

Target group                                 Children after finishing institutional care, orphans, young people coming from dysfunctional families , young homeless people, young people coming from socially deprived families , young people coming from families in crisis

Capacity                                       10 people

Clients                                          Men aged 18 – 29

Length of stay                               0 – 4 years


➢ Address of project

Address of project                       Hradisko 44, Terňa,

Post code                                    08267

Country                                       Slovakia


➢ Time plan of project

Duration                                     Maj 2016 – Maj 2019

Start of project                           Maj 2016

Finish of project                         Maj 2019


➢ Budget

Name of the item estimated price

Project documentation, Building permit                             5000 €

Preparation works                                                              5000€

Construction works                                                              320.000€

Sewage treatment                                                                      9000€


➢ Completed

✓ Project documentation, building permission

✓ Preparation works

✓ Sewage treatment is half built. All necessary points are set out by surveyor


➢ Partners

Name                                   Stredisko evanjelickej Diakonie – Útulok Dom na polceste, 

                                            Veľký Slavkov

Address                               Tatranská 71, Veľký Slavkov, Slovensko, 05991,

Contact person                    Stanislav Gurka,

Telephone number               0903630953

Email address            

Name                                   Úsmev Domova

Address                               Kollárova 14, Pezinok, 90201,Slovensko

Contact person                    Alžbeta Lančaričová


I declare that all above information about project are correct.




- Základy domu na polceste dokončené

V auguste 2016 sa nám podarilo dokončiť základy Domu na polceste.

- Začíname s výstavbou

2.maja 2016 sme začali s výstavbou Domu na polceste. Projekt - Dom na  polceste bol navrhnutý architektom Danielom Capekom a realizujeme ho ako občianske združenie Ranč Emanuel.

Primary Clients Group

Young people coming from Children's Homes, orphans, young people from dysfunctional families, from disadvantaged backgrounds, families in crisis, homeless.